There are two ways you can look for notices on linkAssist – by using the search function, or by browsing one of the six categories.

To search for notices, click the search button and type in what you are looking for.

To browse for notices, select one of the six categories by clicking the category buttons at the top of your screen, or the boxes on the linkAssist home page. The linkAssist categories are:

1 Accommodation: wanted, available, rent, share, own, selling

2 Community: Groups, peer support, services, events, clubs, sports and more

3 Transport: Wanted, available, offering, taxies, public transport, rideshare, carpooling and more

4 Training and Work: Wanted available, training courses, jobs, certificates, volunteering, tutors, teachers

5 Buy and Sell: Items for sale, to buy, to trade, for free, looking for

6 Does anyone know? Ask a question, make suggestions, referrals, answers wanted, share information, help others

Notices on linkAssist can be sorted by region. This means you can view notices by location. You can select multiple regions, or just one.

You can also find creates by type – wanted or available.

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