We sort out notices on linkAssist by geographical location and category.

By sorting our notices by location, it makes sure that you don’t see notices which are not relevant to what you are looking for and where you want it.

There are six regions on linkAssist in Victoria:

At the moment, linkAssist is only available for notices posted for the Western Victoria Region. You can still post a notice to linkAssist for the Western Victorian region even if you live outside that area. We have chosen Western Victoria as our launch region because it is the home of Barwon, the NDIS trail site. However, linkAssist will soon be open to our other five regions across Victoria.

Your region is determined by the location set by your browser. You can change your location by clicking on the "set your location" in the top left hand bar on linkAssist. When you search for notices, you can search for notices from any region, including multiple regions, and regions outside your own. This can be done by refining the search in the column to the left of all search results.

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