What is a Sponsored Link?

Sponsored Links are paid notices which have been created by our Sponsors, usually for advertising purposes. The Sponsored Links on linkAssist let you know about services, products, events and more which may be of interest to you.

Why does linkAssist have Sponsored Links?

linkAssist is, and always will be, FREE to use. To keep the website free, we have a small number of Sponsored Links to cover the ongoing running costs of the website. As linkAssist is a community noticeboard, there will never be more than 20 Sponsored Links on linkAssist per region. A Sponsored Link will always be marked as a Sponsored Link.

How is a Sponsored Link different to a notice?

Sponsored Links are paid advertisements. Sponsored Links will always appear on the top of a page, above the notices. Users can not respond to Sponsored Link posts as they would to a notice, instead, the link will take you to the website of the sponsor.

How do I create a Sponsored Link?

If you are a business or commercial organisation and would like to create your own Sponsored Link on linkAssist, simply log in, click the “Sponsored Link” link on the bottom of every page, then create and submit your notice. Your notice will be sent to linkAssist admins for approval. You will not be charged for your notice until it has been approved. Once your notice has been approved, your nominated card will be charged and a receipt emailed to you.

Why does a linkAssist Administrator need to approve a Sponsored Link?

To make the best possible experience on linkAssist, we approve all the notices before they are posted. This makes sure that no spam messages are posted and ensures the overall quality of all notices on linkAssist.

What do I do if I want to edit my Sponsored Link?

You can edit your Sponsored Link as many times as you like, whenever you like. You can edit your Sponsored Link from your user account. We do not charge you for editing your Sponsored Link. However, any changes you make to your Sponsored Link will have to be approved by a linkAssist Administrator before replacing existing approved content. This ensures the ongoing quality of the Sponsored Link notices on linkAssist.

What happens when my Sponsored Link is about to expire?

When your Sponsored Link is about to expire, linkAssist will send you an email to let you know. If you wish to renew your Sponsored Link, you will have to re-enter your card details. You will also have the chance to edit your Sponsored Link. Remember, you can also edit your Sponsored Link at any time from your user account. We will never renew your Sponsored Link, or charge your card, without your permission. If your Sponsored Link expires without your renewal it will no longer appear on linkAssist. There will be a copy of your expired Sponsored Link on your user account which only you can see. You can renew your notice even if it has expired from your account.

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